Randy Lee rebuts the IRS

The following court reporter's transcript has been re-formatted for this publication. We have placed XXX in places where identification of our Brother's family name was obvious. The court reporter's name and telephone number is shown within the document if you would like to verify the transcript for yourself, or, you may contact the Assistant U. S. Attorney's office at their address shown. Note that both their addresses are in the Federal Building at Los Angeles. Since we know the "Defendant" in this matter, we have first hand knowledge of the fact that this is an accurate detail of the words spoken in the court room. This is proof that a misnomer or mistaken identity (nom de guerre) is a valid defense for every Christian when He is brought before the present day military rule courts of the Federal U.S. Please note that the capitalization is exactly as was written on the original transcript. Certain positions within the page, margins, and tabs are not the same in order to format for this publication but have no bearing on the accuracy of the contents quoted herein.

Note that Brother Randy did not "appear", but rather "responded" by Visitation with Christ Jesus; that he did not admit to be a "resident" of any State or Federal District; and, that his Law is the Word of God, and nothing else. He accurately spelled out his Christian Appellation for the record so there was no mistake about the difference between who he was as to whom they claimed he was.

This is not a "silver bullet" nor is this a "sovereign movement quick fix". If you are a "patriot" or a member of a "militia" and the Lord God is not first in your spirit, life, heart, and mind, then this material is not for you. If you are a Good and Lawful Christian above all other identities of this world, then we pray this material strengthens you in your stand with Christ Jesus here on this earth against the evil that surrounds you.


            Plaintiff(s)    )
           vs.              ) NO. CV-94 xxxx -JGD
RANDY L. OxxxxxxxxxR        )
____________Defendant(s)_   )

Los Angeles, California - Monday, March 21, 1994

                        BEVERLY A. CASARES  CSR# 8630
                        Official Court Reporter
                        312 North Spring Street, Room 440
                        Los Angeles, California 90012
                        (213) 617-2305

                        312 N. Spring Street
                        Los Angeles, California 90012
                        (213) 894-2410
FOR DEFENDANT(S)        RANDY L. OxxxxxxxxxR


THE CLERK: Item number 6, case number CV-94xxxxx, United States of America versus Randy L. Oxxxxxxxxxr.

MR. ROTH: Good afternoon, your Honor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Roth appearing on behalf of the United States, and its agency the Internal Revenue Service.

THE COURT: Is there any opposition?

MR. OxxxxxxxxxR: For the record.


MR. OxxxxxxxxxR: My Christian name is Randy Lee, and my family name is Oxxxxxxxxxr.

THE COURT: All right.

MR. OxxxxxxxxxR: That is spelled capital R, lower case, a-n-d-y, capital L, lower case e-e, capital O, lower case x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-r.

I have responded to this petition because it was found on the door of the place where I take up housekeeping, and attempts to create a colorable persona under colorable law by the name of capital R-A-N-D-Y L period, O-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-R, the artifice being used here to deceive this Honorable Court, must be abated as a Public Nuisance.

For the record, Randy Lee and Jesus the Christ Advocate and Wonderful Counselor are using the Right of Visitation to exercise Ministerial Powers to be heard on this matter.

I, Randy Lee, am a native Californian and a Man on the Land in Los Angeles County, not a resident in the Federal Judicial District in the Central District of California.

My Colors and Authority is the California Bear Flag with the Gold star. My Law is My Family Bible. And my Status is shown by the Seal of the People.

I am who I say I am, not who the U.S. Attorney says I am. Further I sayeth not and I stand mute.

THE COURT: All right. Please take your things off of the podium and sit down at your table. Mr. Roth, do you have any response to this alleged case of mistaken identity.

MR. ROTH: Well, your Honor, Mr. Oxxxxxxxxxr seems to think that if you spell your name in upper and lower case, it relieves him of compliance.

THE COURT: Thank you, Mr. Roth. Please call the next case clerk.

(Proceedings concluded.)

I hereby certify that the foregoing matter entitled UNITED STATES OF AMERICA versus RANDY L. OxxxxxxxxxR No. CV-94 xxxx -JGD is transcribed from the stenographic notes taken by me and is a true and accurate description of the same.
_____(signed)____________________. ____3/25/94________________.
BEVERLY A. CASARES CSR# 8630, Official Court Reporter

Randy Lee explains

There is a maxim of law, "Scire leges, non hoc verba earum tenere, sed vim et potestatem," which in English is "To know the law is, not to observe their mere words, but their force and power." Bouvier's (1914), page 2162.

This is the problem that the church (the body of believers) has. They know the words, and many can rattle the verses off of their tongue like silk, but they have no idea how to execute their [God's] Law. A testament is meaningless unless it can be executed. Where Christians lack knowledge is in the area of procedural law. How do we execute The Testament of Jesus Christ?

"Mistaken identity" not only takes in 'the name,' but more importantly, it takes in the force and power of 'the law of one's forum.' The questions in the mind of the judge would be, "what law do you identify with? Where do you reside? Who is your master, etc." These questions all concern your 'identity.'

In short, 'the name' really wasn't the main article concerning the 'mistaken identity.' It appears to be, because Mr. Roth ended by referring to the spelling of the name. I don't know if that was ignorance on his part, or a ruse. The spelling of the name concerns 'misnomer,' which is only a small part of 'identity.'

When one walks into a foreign court, one must import their law into that court in order to distinguish and separate himself from that court's foreign law. The spelling of the name would have been meaningless without importing 'The Law', which is The Bible and The Word of God, and also stating that I was 'exercising ministerial powers' under Jesus Christ. These are the marks that lead to a decision of 'mistaken identity.' Judge Davies, who is the presiding judge for the district, knew exactly what I was doing, and gave me recognition, not because of the words that came out of my mouth, but because of their force and power. The maxim of law, 'All men know God' would apply in this case, because I came in a ministerial capacity under God.

The reference to 'mistaken identity' most importantly referred to me not being 'a resident of the federal judicial district of the central district of California.' The 'residency' requirement in civil cases is paramount in establishing jurisdiction for the court to hear the case. When I made that statement, Mr. Roth didn't rebut it, so Davies had to drop the case. Why wasn't Roth able to rebut residency? I don't have a driver's license, an address (general delivery is not an address), corporate employment, etc. In other words, Davies could see from what was presented to him, that I wasn't serving two masters.

So, when reading a transcript or court decision, always take into account all of the possibilities of what a word or a combination of words is referring to. Lawyers and Judges can be very good at covering up the true meaning of a situation.

As a side note, a friend of mine went before a different judge 2 weeks later on an 'Order to Show Cause.' He used basically the same argument as me. Mr. Roth was the U.S. Attorney again, and the case ended with the same results as mine. Mr. Roth again referred to 'the name' and the judge, again, referred to 'mistaken identity.'

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