The Strategy

The Bible is still the best guidebook for victorious living. One dight during World War 1, General Edmund Allenby sat alone in his tent studying a map of Palestine. He was making plans for the capture of an enemy held village near by. He felt that there must be a weak point where the British could attack the Turks. He thought there was some key to the problem in the rough terrain but he could not seem to find it. The name of the town was Michmash. It had a familiar sound but he could not remember where he had heard it.

At midnight the general went to his cot but he couldn't sleep. Surely somewhere he had heard that name, Michmash! Finally it flashed into his mind that he had read it in a book. He arose and took down the volume and scanned through the chapters quickly. After a time, the name of the town, Michmash, was ther on the page. He began feverishly to work with the book and the map. He worked all night.

In the morning he unfolded the plan for the attack to his officers. They wanted to know where he had gotten the information. He read to them from the book and they said it would be a miracle if it worked.

In less than twelve hours the plan had worked. Allied troops had cut off the enemy and had taken the village. General Allenby had found a description of the land and a plan of strategy that had proven successful at that very spot more than three thousand years before. He found this key to the victory, of course, in the first book of Samuel in the Bible.

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