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Important Update: Due to pressing matters, I do not use the Internet or E-mail much anymore, which means this website is no longer being updated, until maybe at a later time sometime in the future. Sorry. However, I will still be updating this website offline, through our "Devoted to Truth Library CD." If you would like to request this computer CD, simply Click Here.

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May 28th (Updated) Social Security
April 26th (New) Other Testimonies Of Court Experiences
April 10th (New) Circumcision
March 10th (New) Watch this animation about The Philosophy Of Liberty that God Almighy has given to us.
January 29th (Updated) Questions About Genesis
January 24th (Updated) Responding To New Age Relativism
January 21st (Updated) The Power Of Words
January 2nd (New) What's Really Wrong With Public Schools?
January 2nd (New) Depression Among God's People
December 19th (New) The Character of Sinaiticus and Vaticanus Texts
December 14th (Updated) Comparisons Between The Minority Text And The Majority Text
November 29th (New) What Is Caesar's?
November 28th (New) God's Blessing On The Septuagint
November 28th (New) Problems With The Physical Resurrection Theory
November 28th (New) A Brief History Of The King James Bible
November 22nd (New) The Death Of David's Son
November 1st (New) Writings From Corrie Ten Boom
November 1st (New) David, Uzzah, And The Ark Of The Covenant
October 26th (New) The Institutes Of Biblical Law
October 10th (New) Anatomy Of A Backslider
October 4th (New) Is The Common Law Really Based Upon God's Law?
September 27th (New) Inter-Racial Marriage: Is It Biblical?
September 13th (New) Jehovah's Witnesses
September 6th (New) Mormons
August 30th (New) The Deception Of Paper Money
August 2nd (New) The Creeps Of Modernism
July 5th (New) Dreams
June 14th (New) Due to many requests, we have added children's material to our Devoted to Truth Library CD!
May 10th (New) The Letter Of The Law vs. The Spirit Of The Law
April 20th (New) We now have available the long awaited Devoted to Truth Library CD for those who request it!
April 10th (New) How Do We Discern Which Laws Have Passed Away?
April 10th (New) Uncommon Objections For Not Keeping The Sabbath
April 6th (New) Can It Be Good To Lie?
April 6th (New) Bouvier's Dictionary Of Law
February 7th (New) Did The Apostles Fight Over Doctrine?
January 31st (New) The Way Of True Peace And Unity
January 21st (New) Do you enjoy arcade games? Visit our new Mini-Arcade section!

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